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Campfire Trails is a group of local outdoor enthusiasts that have come together to provide Adventure and Outdoor experiences across many unique destinations in Meghalaya to School & College children, to the discerning traveller, the Adventure seeker and the Travellers who wish to explore and experience all we have to offer. We are not just about the adventure and travel experiences which we provide, we also conduct comprehensive trainings and workshops on outdoors safety & ethics and have been involved in various rural development and eco tourism projects.










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An Ethical Framework

Our Social Responsibility

At Campfire Trails, we believe in Fair Trade. This is a practice that has been very important to us because we believe that we must contribute to society at large. Our business practices are designed in a manner where we ensure fair remuneration to our partners especially in the rural areas. As much as possible, we also ensure that due attention is also paid to employment of local people for any services that we require. This has so far ensured that a number of rural, unemployed youth are now being gainfully employed as guides, cooks, drivers, cleaners, managers, etc. after receiving due training. We believe strongly in contributing to the change that we wish to see and therefore conduct our business in a manner that is fair for all.


Activities with a mind on Sustainability

Our Environmental Responsibility

We have always endeavoured to practice the “Leave no Trace” policy whenever and wherever we conduct our operations. Campfire Trails has always tried to ensure that the environment where we operate has minimal impacts due to our activities and it is also common practice for us to ensure that every guest of ours, shares this attitude. Environmental conservation is an important aspect of our outlook and we have been part of many, very tangible projects, where we have contributed a great deal of our efforts. An example that we must mention, with great pride, is that we have managed to stop the practice the hunting for birds, at the community forest of a partner village, by working together with the local community and raising awareness about the need to protect all avian species in this forest.


Designed to ensure Safety

Our Safety Equipment

At any CFT trip, safety always comes first!
Controlled and secure surroundings
Internationally recognised gear and safety equipment
Quality Checks on equipment
First Aid and CPR trained team
First Aid kit
Experienced guides
Leave No Trace


Little bit aboutUs

Our Team


River Guide

Zorba is a member of an international river expedition crew based in Mallorca, Spain and explores local rivers using pack rafts. The Golden Paddle award winner was recently contracted by the Govt. of Meghalaya to research and publish a Guide Book on White Water Sports in the state.


Fishing Enthusiast

Aaron is a Sport Fishing enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the outdoors. He travels regularly around the country for Big Game Sport Fishing and assists in conservation projects.


Outdoor Enthusiast

An outdoor enthusiast, Annie is a supervisor and head coordinator for all CAMPFIRE TRAILS trips. A Karate Black Belt 2nd Dan, she has represented India on the international stage. As an inside joke, we call her our “Security!”


Dive Expert

David is an adventure sport pioneer of the region. A certified Dive Master who is a veteran of more than 2000 dives on the coasts of Goa and Karnataka, he has spent the last 5 years developing diving sites in Meghalaya and ziplining activities in Nagaland.

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  • Iaraplang M. Umlong

    Shillong College Zoology Dept

    All the Guides are very good and genuine and the way they treat us is very very good....Special Thanks to 'Ani' and 'Hamar'.....So guys if you're looking for a study tour cum enjoyable trip I would suggest you contact Campfire Trails

  • Melanie Feegrade

    St. Edmund's School Teacher

    My time spent in Mawlongbna was an experience that remains etched in my heart ..........an adventure that is thrilling, challenging, enjoyable and unforgettable in a completely safe ambience!

  • Oeartha

    St. Edmund’s Higher Secondary School Students

    Words cannot describe how amazing the camp was! We learnt so many things. 0ne is to face our fears ... I’m very thankful to the crew and the camp was an eye opener for me to get out of sheltered walls and experience something new in life


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Its a great pleasure for all the CFT crew to take students from Shillong College and Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Jowai for Kayaking at Umiam Lake, Camping, Mountain biking, Rappelling, Rock climbing and Trekking at our very own camp site at Sohliya Village. The students had a great time outdoors. They were very enthusiastic, energetic and fun loving kids. We also got to celebrate one of the student’s birthday we had a really great time with them. We are thankful to you guys for camping with us and we are looking forward to see you again next time.



CFT’s first camping trip to Mawlongbna with the ladies from Lady Keane College. These magical ladies drove the rains away and played all day. Full of energy, the trip was super fun. The teachers that accompanied the kids were also loads of fun(one in particular thoroughly enjoyed the Jadoh at the night market). The CFT Crew too had great fun taking them out and hope that there are many more fun filled trips with the students of Lady Keane College.